Management consultancy for sustainability, innovation & regional development

With Systems Design to systemic sustainability & innovation

We develop solutions for you to sustainably achieve more profit.

BE Solutions is a management consultancy from Berlin for sustainable, competitive innovations & value-added processes. BE Solutions uses the basic principle of systems design for systemic sustainability: every waste is a source of new ideas.

The analysis / design tools developed by our management consultancy support the development of business models, use locally available resources, create jobs.  BE Solutions management consultancy therefore sets both economic and social impulses.

This creates new future perspectives for companies, cities, rural areas – and for the people who live there.

NEW: ZIM Consulting for SMEs

Total funding budget for 2020: 555 million euros

We are experts in the BMWi’s Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM) and offer you full service so that your innovation can become reality.

We create future’s profit!

How does BE Solutions Management Consulting work?

As management consultants, we deal with the consulting of companies regarding sustainable decision making processes. Our goal is to bring in a different perspective. Systems Design, thinking out of the box, questioning standardized thinking patterns and showing innovations is one of our strongest qualities. Our team of consultants has been supporting companies in management decisions for more than 10 years. We develop holistic solutions.

Our team provides your company with future-oriented advice and experience in both public institutions and the private sector. We help you with your business challenges.

We cordially invite you to get to know our management consultancy.

Contact us and arrange a non-binding initial appointment in Berlin or our regional office.

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Your BE Solutions Team


Management consultancy with fact check


    Our sustainability consultancy records how the life cycle assessment of products, services or entire regions looks like – this is how we develop alternatives for your company with our management consultancy.

  • Material Flow Management

    Our material flow management balances activities of industry, trade, households up to regions in terms of material input as well as material output to create the basis for innovation consulting.


    Only a data-rich analysis of potential in regional development allows the development of visions with common goals in the future.

  • Energiemanagement

    Systemic sustainability consulting combines all measures that ensure minimum energy use for a required energy output. Our energy management analyses cover structures, processes, systems & building conditions as well as human behaviour.


Management consultancy with practice

  • PRODUKTDESIGN & Rapid Prototyping

    Our innovation consulting gives innovations a face with the construction of first functional versions. Rapid prototyping is an important factor for our management consultancy, as “function” allows a strong assessment of innovation as well as sustainability.

  • URBAN FARMING - new agriculture

     BE Solutions sees urban farming as a great opportunity for climate change and sustainability. Therefore we support different approaches to integrate urban areas with agriculture. Our clients can use the findings of this support as an innovation in sustainability consulting.


    BE Solutions examines material flows & value chains of a cluster of companies systemically in terms of sustainability & value creation in order to raise potentials through innovation consulting.


    New products or manufacturing methods require intelligent business models in terms of sustainability in order to be successfully marketed.


Management consulting with the will to implement


    From the first pilot plants to sustainability in professional production – our sustainability consulting services structure innovation with supply chain management the coordination of supply chains and control products at market entry.

  • Innovationsmanagement

    Innovations are not a state, but a continuous process. We manage companies by developing sustainable innovations. Our innovation consulting wants to strengthen innovative power so that ideas can arise in companies which can be converted into successful innovations.


    Our regional development department analyses the challenges facing the people in the region. Material flows are recognized as potentials and together with the actors, guiding ideas are developed which can be condensed into a mission statement. In the field of regional development, our consultancy also provides strong support in the acquisition of local implementation partnerships.


    To finance sustainable innovations, we identify suitable financing and support programmes at regional, national, EU and international level.