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From our experience in regional development, it has become increasingly clear in recent months that the current working methods and funding policies for supporting rural areas need new impetus. On the one hand, there is an enormous potential of committed villagers who want to change something in order to make life in the countryside sustainable and to defy demographic development, structural change and transformation processes, depopulation and lack of infrastructure. On the other hand, there is a funding policy that has recognized that supporting such commitment is of enormous importance in order to protect the democratic basis of our country.

So you might think that a lot is being done and that we are on the right track. That is true to a certain extent! However, existing funding pots are often not exhausted. And
promising projects and change processes cannot be realized due to a lack of funding. How does this fit together? We think it is due to the existence of two separate systems: administration on the one hand – local actors (innovators) on the other. One is good at routine processes, the other wants to break new ground. Both bring different solution competencies and potentials into the change processes, but in our experience they do not speak a language that is understandable to the other.
There is a lack of sensitivity and understanding. These systems should mesh as well as possible and be permeable in order to develop the potential on both sides as efficiently as possible, so that resources (ideas, commitment, funding) can be deployed sustainably and actually have an impact and make a difference on the ground.

Innovation database with over 3,000 best-practice entries from different areas and industries.

So far, we have focused our work on local innovators and assumed a moderating or interpreting function at certain interfaces with the administration and politics. But the challenges facing rural areas are great and affect all regions in Germany. That’s why we launched the Regional Pilots initiative together with Germany – Land of Ideas.

Germany – Land of Ideas brings with it, above all, many years of supraregional experience in screening and making innovations visible, as well as in knowledge transfer and Germany-wide networking of relevant actors. BE Solutions is an experienced partner with rural stakeholders and specializes in regional development for sustainable change processes and cascading value creation models.

Together, we have an innovation database with over 3,000 best practice entries from a variety of sectors and industries.

Working together, we want to create new impetus in rural areas, ensure greater permeability of systems, and make a contribution to boosting Germany’s municipalities.

With a joint service package, we identify and activate the innovative drivers on the ground. We raise awareness of the importance of innovations and contribute to better communication. We create spaces for interdisciplinary exchange and provide targeted networking. We support initial project ideas as well as the formulation and design of funding applications. We develop overarching strategies, advise on branding and help with investor management. With all our expertise, we help innovation become routine.

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