Our consulting process in regional development

With our UPRISE process “Utilizing Potential, Realizing Innovations, Stimulating Entrepreneurship”, we enable the systemic examination of hidden potentials through simulation models for cities and communities. The analysis focuses on the topic “Debt relief and savings”, which allows the administration and political actors to realize new freedom in the design of households. The UPRISE process is carried out in 2 steps:

  1.  Through the initial analysis with over 500 parameters, our team analyses an individual potential profile from the conditions of your region.
  2. Based on this potential profile, coordinated political milestones and implementation projects are then developed using simulation models.

Use our initial analysis and simulation models to find the ideal path to optimization with our team of experts.

Simulation models in the field of energy

  • sustainable energy management with delimited energy profiles

    Today, energy optimisation is one of the important components of household optimisation.

  • Design of energy-autonomous cities & communities

    Recovery of energy autonomy as a motor for new regional value creation

  • alternative concepts

    Participation potentials as an opportunity for regional financial power

  • Citizen wind farm: Participate instead of prevent.

    The handling and the chance of wind suitability areas

Simulation models in the field of regional development and village renewal:

  • the participatory village renewal

    Opportunities and potential in demographic change

  • sustainable tourism management

    Alternative tourism as an opportunity for new economic cooperation

  • Communicative differentiation from competing neighbouring communities

    Alternative communication tools and delimiting positioning

Simulation models in the field of finance and debt relief:

  • Regional increase in value added for more tax revenue and jobs

    Potentials of cascading business models and cooperation

  • Financial autonomy with imminent incorporation

    Securing financial leeway through charitable design in the political process

  • Opportunities and potential in trade tax

    Alternative model calculations to extend the financial design possibilities

Simulation models in the field of material flows:

  • alternative waste systems and recycling

    Chances and potential of waste by using all material flows

  • alternative sanitation systems

    Chances and potential of less water in the system