OUR PILOT REGION of BE Solutions Regional Development

We have been active in regional development for many years. Every day the question arises: How can villages succeed in taking their future into their own hands and not be dependent on political conditions (keyword: centralisation of the allocation of funds)? Our answer to this question is: let the villages themselves earn money through sustainability & innovation, which they can then use to shape their living environment. Several of our clients are located in the district of Cuxhaven, so we have been given the opportunity to become active in four essential sectors and thus create a kind of model region for shaping the future in rural areas:

For 3 years we had the good fortune to be accompanied in our work by the filmmaker Antje Hubert. In 2017 the film was released in cinemas throughout germany.


In order to implement these topics, we have established an independent regional office whose team supervises the projects and is available to citizens as a permanent contact person. Due to this experience we have an enormous repertoire of example projects and business models, which should also benefit other communities and districts. Over the years, we have also developed a methodology for successfully anchoring participation in citizenship. From the combination of these two elements, we are currently developing the campaign Dörfer im Aufbruch (Villages on the Move) in cooperation with ZERAP Germany e.V. This campaign – in cooperation with the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (Deutschen Städte- und Gemeindebund) – will use numerous open source elements to train and empower citizens to take the shaping of their living environment into their own hands, coupled with offers of support in the targeted identification of resources that can be used in cascading business models.